Upholstery Cleaning Bournemouth

Upholstery Cleaning Bournemouth

As well as taking excellent care of your carpets and rugs, our cleaning company can also give top quality upholstery cleaning in Bournemouth for your sofas and armchairs.

Our skilled upholstery cleaners in Bournemouth can look after all types of big pieces of furniture, including leather sofas and armchairs.

Sofa cleaning is completed by fully qualified and insured sofa cleaners who will employ their professional expertise to recognise the type of the fabric in your furniture and settle on the proper method to finish their job.

  • Steam Cleaning is the most generally used technique of upholstery cleaning, and it is appropriate for nearly all sorts of materials.
  • Dry Cleaning involves using no-moisture foam that is just as efficient and appropriate for soft fibres.

Our cleaning company provides reasonable and competitive upholstery cleaning costs and we guarantee that the upholstery cleaning is finished to our exceptionally high standards.

We also offer added cures that will safeguard your furniture, including:

  • Stain protection
  • Anti-static treatment
  • Pest repellent

Our upholstery cleaners Bournemouth use state of the art technology and the best cleaning products to give brilliant results, making your furniture look and feel good as new.

If your sofas and armchairs could do with top quality upholstery cleaning then all you have to do is make a quick call to our cleaning company on for a free instant quote.

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